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The Blue Collar Goddess
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Ellen Kombiyil

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    The Hiss Quarterly || Volume IV, Issue 2

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                It's the 21st century,

    We hate to plagiarize. So we'll tell you in the midst of preparing this ship for some SPACE TO GROW, we did a little research here and there. Sydney discovered "The Elegant Universe" and agreed that it is indeed, elegant. There was some discussion about the "String Theory" which brought us to the official String Theory Website, where that "time to feed your mind" slogan came from. We had all sorts of ideas about the meaning of "M" to go along with the "M" theory; ultimately we decided to leave all that to the proper folk who study cosmology which freed us up to do what we do best.




    Ellen Kombiyil

    What's that, you say? For us it's the "THQ" string theory, which is led by the

    "W" theory. Words. Words become sentences. Sentences can become paragraphs or stanzas. String enough of those together correctly and you have poets like Ellen Kombiyil. She was the star that led us into this issue with enough words to leave us convinced that our "W" theory is working. Her voice feels weightless and haunting. Like floating above the earth's atmosphere, an astronaut alone but not lonely.

    The other stars in our humble THQ Universe are the ones you will find in the Front View Fiction orbit as well as the Rear View Poetry galaxy. Some are familiar, like the Milky Way, and some are newly discovered delights. Have fun exploring and feeding your mind in the midst of their theory "W".

    Regarding fun, don't forget to spend time in our accidentally on purpose, Deliberate NonsenseTM section of the THQ world. That area of our hemisphere has become quite a popular vacation spot, according to our page statistics and we want to keep enticing you with the views and news you'll find every time you visit the Starship Hiss.

    Let's not forget our Ekphrastic contest winners! Each of the Janitors on Duty presented a photo in their columns in the last issue, encouraging our gentle readers to send in their words. It pays to read us JOD's once in awhile, yanno?

    We've almost run out of metaphors, so we'll leave you with a final link to Another Space we inhabit. If you're out there, we're "good to go" - - so make some contact and say hello.

    This quarter's THQ AWARD goes out to the editorial staff and production managers at "Cafe Irreal". We're guessing that they didn't get back to us because they've been busy at the "presses" too.
    Do go read them when you're certain there's more "space to grow" in your daily literary perusals, and tell them we sent you.



    What a great title. What great authors. What a terrific Mother's Day, Bridal Shower or Birthday gift to give to someone! Heck, it'd even make a super special graduation gift for that extra wonderful person in your life. No - - it's not a THQ production, but we're thrilled to see so many THQ contributors between the covers. Velvet Avalanche is a collection of erotic poetry presented by Satjah Products. The book cover image will take you there. We encourage everyone to go reserve a copy now.

    The 2006 final edition of THQ was simply so good, so big and BAD (meaning, truly outstanding) we had to print it. Just click on the image for ordering information and other details, including a quick preview.

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