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    The Hiss Quarterly || Volume III, Issue 3

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    "Scaling the Cliffs of Insanity, Battling Rodents of Unusual Size, Facing torture in the Pit of Despair."

    Makes you want to BE there, doesn't it?! Well, here's your chance, dear friends to wander mazes of corridors, fall through trap doors and lean too far out the windows. The great Augustus Saint-Gaudens once said, "What garlic is to food, insanity is to art." And indeed we've got an issue chock full of poetry and prose exhibiting the range of half-baked, fruity, and yes, even nutty ravings one might experience.

    As our friend (What? He doesn't have a restraining order yet!) Bruce Feirstein always says, "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success." Our two flaky, er… "Featured" Poets: Dennis Mahagin and Cassandra Scheimann - - have succeeded in impressing us with their ability to give voice to the voices in their heads. If you listen hard enough, we're sure you'll hear and love them too!

    Our Featured Artist, Dave Makin left us reeling with his fantastic fractal images, resonating in our sight as much as the words with which they share the pages. Please be sure to visit his online gallery.

    "LOOK You see, The Cliffs of Insanity, Hurry up move the thing, and, and that other thing, MOVE IT!"

    The third THQ Award for 2006 is hereby granted to Right Hand Pointing for several reasons. One, their tagline:

    short poetry short fiction short…uh…art

    an online literary journal of very brief pieces
    for smart people with short attention spans

    ... makes us think of tiny artists with little, tiny paintbrushes. How odd is that? Plus they have this nifty chemical symbol thingy that looks like two tiny (there they are again!) stick figures stabbed by a giant arrow. And we love the way the pages melt into each other when you change from one to the next. The site is a beauty, and editor Dale Wisely deserves a round of applause for his fine work (and his explanation of the publication's name). We'd clap, but our right hands are pointing. Over there.

    Speaking of awards, we've just been granted another one!


    Finally, we're glad you're here with us in our little padded room. think you could loosen these restraints just a bit?

    The Janitors On Duty:
    Sarah "Sydney" Nash-Lee, Shanna Karella, & Lalo Fox

    Emeritus In Cheese: Ella McCrystle

    A special "Thank You" to our Sponsors for keepin' us hissin', and to Todd Heldt for donating half the proceeds of his book Before You Were A Prophet to our publishing endeavors. If you're feeling generous, please don't hesitate to do something crazy (or ... not so crazy) by donating some of your hard earned cash to our efforts here. We "pay it forward". A bit of your donation goes to worthy causes besides this space in cyber. We're currently researching Not For Profit status, so at this time your contribution isn't tax deductible, but you could just tell yourself we're lobbying Congress or something. Works for us.

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