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The Hiss Quarterly || Submission Guidelines
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New Submission Guidelines for The Hiss Quarterly:

Updated 5 August 2006 -- Returning viewers, please note the changes in our deadlines, and the special twist to "NC-17"!

The Basics:

We ONLY accept original written work, except by specific invitation.

A note about "previously published": Print publication is obvious. Online publication includes your personal website or blog, or anyone else's website or blog, whether or not it represents itself as a publication. In other words, if it can be found with a search engine, it's published. Workshops and similar forums are, of course, exempt -- we use them and love them, too.
We DO NOT accept simultaneous submissions.
If you're not sure what this means, write us and ask.
We DO accept attachments.
Submissions in the body of the email are also welcome, especially for short works, and poems without complicated formatting. If you send attachments, please use a format that can be read by MS Word. Poets, please put all your poems in a single document!

Mac users: save your work in rich-text format and be sure the filename includes the .rtf extension, for us poor misguided PC users.
Address for Submissions & Questions: hissquarterly@gmail.com

Themes & Deadlines:

We’re Looking For a Few Good Euphemisms… and if you aren’t, you should be!

So get out there, have a wardrobe malfunction, make like bunnies, do the nasty, carve a canoe together, get it on, make some love… you know… just DO it already! And then, well… let it slip…bare your souls… fill us in… come on, tell us about it. Without, uh, actually TELLING us about it. If you know what we mean, wink wink, nudge nudge
DECEMBER 15, 2006
JANUARY 1, 2007
FEBRUARY 1 -- APRIL 30, 2007
About 25 years ago, one of the many societies advocating the exploration of outer space launched a campaign whose message was "America Needs Space to Grow". In spite of the source of inspiration for our theme's title, there's no obligation to limit your offerings to any kind of space, outer or inner, or any particular form of growth.
MARCH 15, 2007
APRIL 1, 2007
MAY 1 -- JULY 31, 2007
From the adjective indigenous, meaning "originating where it is found"...Where do you find yourself these days? Near whom do you live? In what environment? How's the fit...and what is the cost?
JUNE 15, 2007
JULY 1, 2007
AUGUST 1 -- OCTOBER 31, 2007
The Anatomy of Abandonment. Don't need to discuss much? We beg to differ.
SEPTEMBER 15, 2007
OCTOBER 1, 2007
NOVEMBER 1, 2007 -- JANUARY 31, 2008
(Tentative, subject to possible change... watch this space)
DECEMBER 15, 2007
JANUARY 1, 2008
FEBRUARY 1 -- APRIL 30, 2008


We've given you some hints above that may be elusive. That's intentional, of course. Almost anything might fit, and that's how we want it.

Occasionally, we may decide something you've submitted for one Theme may work better for another, further down our schedule. We will always ask your permission to hold it until later.

Submission Deadline:


Decision Day:

We put our future Themes up as soon as we agree on them, in hope that they'll inspire you to write something special, just for us! And we accept submissions for all future issues, no matter how soon you send them. However, we always wait until the Submission Deadline for a specific issue before beginning to decide what goes in it. Just be assured that you will hear from us no later than the date given in the table.

Frequency of Appearance:

We love our friends, and we love their work. We love discovering new authors and poets even more: that's our main reason for being here. If you've been in our pages recently, please consider waiting for a quarter... that is, of course, unless you have a killer piece that's perfect for the next theme!

Submission Format for Written Work:


We publish poetry in two formats: Rear View Mirror and Featured Poet. To be considered for the Rear View Mirror, please submit a maximum of three (3) poems, plus a short bio and/or your three most recent publishing credits.

If you desire consideration as a Featured Poet, please submit three to five poems, plus a short bio and/or your three most recent publishing credits. If we decide you're a candidate, we will request more of your work. If you seek to become a Featured Poet, please send your poetry far in advance of the Theme's deadline.

In either case, please mark the subject line of your submission email with "Poetry: Your Last Name/Theme" -- for example:

"POETRY: Collins/NC-17."


Any form of written work is welcome. Please send us your best, plus a short bio and/or your three most recent publishing credits. We do not have an official word limit, but please send an inquiry first if your work is longer than 5000 words.

Please mark the subject line of your submission email with "GENRE: Your Last Name/Theme" — for example:

"FICTION: Goodjohn/Free Parking" or "ESSAY: Smith/Perilous Journeys."

Deliberate NonsenseTM:

Any sort of artwork/cartoons or short written silliness you feel compelled to share with us will be considered. We'd like to see your doodles, jokes, one-liners, 'toons or whatever you consider deliberately nonsensical! If it fits the theme, we are more likely to accept it, however we are very loose with this consideration for The Deliberate NonsenseTM department ONLY.

Please mark the subject line of your submission email similar to the examples given above:

"DelNon: Your Last Name/Theme"

Featured Artist:

Featured Artists for The Hiss Quarterly are by invitation ONLY. If you would like to be considered, please email links to your artwork or gallery on the Web. Please do not send the actual artwork.

You will typically hear from us within ten (10) days from your inquiry as to whether we will consider it.


Upon acceptance, you will be asked to return (via email) a completed copy of our standard release. No work will be published without a release typical of the sample below:
I (your name & pseudonym, if applicable) certify that I am the sole author of the work being submitted to The Hiss Quarterly. I also certify that this work has not been published previously online or in print. I also agree that The Hiss Quarterly may archive my work for up to one year, and publish it in a "Best Of" Anthology after one year.

I retain all rights to my work except First Publication, One-Year Archival and Non-exclusive Anthology Rights as stated above.

If my work should be reprinted elsewhere after its first publication in The Hiss Quarterly, I shall make all best effort to have it noted as having first appeared in The Hiss Quarterly, including the URL: http://www.hissquarterly.com.

In the interest of our writers and artists, each issue is granted one full year of Web visibility -- that is, three quarters past its "current" status. After that, every issue is permanently stored offline, not to be reprinted or used in any way except in a possible future anthology, as agreed to in the above Release.

The Hiss Quarterly contains copyrighted material. You may not copy, publish, upload, download, post to your web page/site, use the URL of any image, transmit, distribute or modify any content of this site. All published and copyrighted material remains the property of the writer/artist.

The Hiss Quarterly respects your privacy as much as we do our own. All information submitted will be kept confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned, left on some street corner, or in any other way disclosed beyond the Janitorial Staff on Duty. Any information and/or work you submit to The Hiss Quarterly will be held with serious care and will not be used in ways to which you have not consented. In other words, all we want to do is read/view and — we hope! — publish you.

These Copyright and Privacy Statements pertain to unaccepted submissions as well as to work we choose to publish. We respect you, and we promise to continue.

Please note: The Hiss Quarterly cannot afford to pay contributors. We apologize for this, because everyone deserves to be paid for their work, their talent and their time. We hope to be able to, in the future.


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