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    The Hiss Quarterly || Volume III, Issue 2

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    “Hello… We’re glad you made it! Welcome to The Future!”

    The Future is fun!
    The Future is fair!
    You may already have won!
    You may already be there!”

    Nine months ago, we were blown away by Bryan Murphy’s “Esculent Pursuit” — so much so, that one of us (guess who) suggested an entire issue built around the theme of imperfect futures. We have not been disappointed, and are proud to bring you that very issue, packed with so many different glimpses of what might be that there’s no way to encapsulate them here… so please, read them!

    We are also proud to bring you not one but two Featured (Futured?) Poets: Diane Hamilton and Benjamin Buchholz. Each of them also has a distinct vision and voice, and we know you will love their work as much as we do.

    Our Featured Artist, Dawn Allyn transfers her vision directly to our optic nerves throughout our pages. Please make sure to visit her online gallery, too.

    The second THQ Award is lovingly granted to Ink Pot. For nearly five years, beginning as Pacific Northwest Literary Potpourri, then shortened to Literary Potpourri — which everyone called “Lit Pot” — then finally under its current name, this publication has brought consistent excellence in writing and visual art to the eyes of its readers. Sad to say, the last print issue of Ink Pot was published last October, and the website is due to go archive-only at the end of May. Happy to report, every webpage ever produced by literature’s dear friend Beverly Jackson, throughout the five-year run, is and will remain available through the comprehensive archive index. In other words, the THQ Award to Ink Pot is not “posthumous” — rather, it is for Lifetime Achievement. We send Bev our best, and wish success to all who have been associated with her labor of love.

    “Sure, living in today's complex world of The Future
    is a little like having bees live in your head --
    But... there they are."

    Finally, it gives us great pleasure to introduce the newest Janitor on Duty, Shanna Karella: a natural-born Hisser if there ever was one. You may have heard the phrase, “Nobody loves a smart-ass,” but we love Shanna, and you will, too.

    Whatever else your future brings you, we hope that for the next three months it brings you back here to read, and re-read, and read some more!

    The Janitors on Duty:
    Sarah “Sydney” Nash-Lee, Shanna Karella, & Lalo Fox

    Emeritus in Cheese: Ella McCrystle

    A special "Thank You" to our Sponsors for keepin' us hissin', and to Todd Heldt for donating half the proceeds of his book Before You Were A Prophet to our publishing endeavors.

    [Quotes in italics are from I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus (1971), Firesign Theatre]


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