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Who are we to start handing out awards - - you may ask.

We're The Hiss Quarterly. We're a "Bohemian Eclectic on line zine of Great Surprise and Quality" - - essentially, we think we rock and we think that you think so too. (Say that ten times quickly . . . )
We think we rock so marvelously well, that our team of "Janitors on Duty" as we like to call ourselves, went all over the net searching for applicable awards. We were delighted and honored to be the recipients of the snazzalicious treats you see below:
The Substance Award from Substance Books (dot) com, The Gold Medal of Excellence from Art Space 2000 (dot) Com and the sincerely coveted "Top Spot" 2006 Award of Excellence from Book Look . In October of 2006 we were proud to be awarded the "World Web Award Of Excellence" from Art Space. We're JUST that well connected!
Each of these sites are linked by the "medals" displayed on this page; we encourage everyone to visit these sites!

We continued to search for awards from other on line 'zines and places, only to discover that we weren't allowed to apply because some of the material we present might be considered "objectionable". It didn't matter that we don't promote hatred, racism or illegal activities -- and it didn't matter that we C L E A R L Y identify any content as possibly mature, it was discouraging to say the least. We've got a gorgeous E-Zine free from Ad's, privacy guaranteed for our subscribers as well as being designed with educated gentle readers in mind.

We here at THQ-HQ pow-wowed and decided that it was time for literary E-Zines, Journals and the ilk to start handing out semi-formal "awards" or ... pedigrees to each other. We don't know if we're pioneering some great idea, or if we're just being daring and presumptuous. Maybe both. We do hope to see more of this sort of "thing" out there. We need each other.

So, without further ado, we're handing out awards, and here are our criteria:
You're an on-line 'Zine! We liked what we saw! We took a vote, we said, "You're Wonderful!".

Each quarter, we're going to hand out an award. We'll feature you on our front page, probably gush about you a little and tell everyone to go read you as soon as they're done reading us.

Here's to happy giving and receiving.

Please take a look at these wonderful places with obvious good taste!

Vol. 4 Issue 1 ~ 2007

Vol. 4 Issue 2 ~ 2007

Vol. 4 Issue 3 ~ 2007

Vol. 4 Issue 4 ~ 2007

THQ Award Recipients for 2006:

  • Vol. 3 Issue 1 ~ Saucy Vox (retired)
  • Vol. 3 Issue 2 ~ Ink Pot
  • Vol. 3 Issue 3 ~ Right Hand Pointing
  • Vol. 3 Issue 4 ~ Mannequin Envy

  • We're Getting Judged!

    We're On Our Way To Greatness!



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